I don’t think anyone knows how much Aska means to me.

Not many people know this but I do have an eating disorder, depression, anxiety and I /used to/ self harm. I’ve attempted suicide few times and been inpatient three times.

When I met Aska for the first time I had just been discharged from the suicide watch and it’s like she felt it; she was so calm and loving. She did not behave at this time, she was just a puppy and still learning. Still, she listened to me, I loved her from the beginning.

When I finally brought her home I was excited but nervous- she was my first dog. My family used to have dogs, but Aska was mine only. It was mine to train her, feed her, walk her, everything.

Anyways, I got Aska around Christmas, the hardest time of the year for me. I thought I’d get really depressed, but I didn’t! Every time I got sad she would sit down in my lap and lick my face. And, on nights when I felt like harming myself she’d beg me to go out for a walk. It saved me!
She still does this, but now she protects me greatly. She’s always by my side.

Nowadays she kisses my scars daily and sleeps on my lap. She has helped so much in my recovery.

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